Thermal Facelift

Remove wrinkles and tighten skin, lift and shape, improve fine lines.
Thermal facelift is a non-surgical procedure from deep within skin's layers.

24K Diamond Infrared Light Therapy (Thermal Facelift)

Phenomenal Results and No Downtime

The Thermal FaceLift procedure uses a radiofrequency device to stimulate and tighten the collagen and elastin by delivering heat to the cells. It actually can target the lower layers of the skin (dermis) without harming the upper layers (epidermis). The heat causes the collagen to contract and tighten the skin structure right away so that the results are instant. As well, over time growth of new collagen and elastin continues to diminish wrinkles and reverse the signs of aging.

Non-invasive, lasting results

Enjoy a relaxing 15 minutes pampered by our Eneo Avalogi Device that concentrates the forever flawless black diamond infused thermal cream and anti-aging system to the deepest level of your cells for an enticing facelift. The secret is the way collagen responds to the radio frequency energy as it will contract and tighten, giving that non-surgical “facelift” result!!

Non-Surgical Skin tightening procedures like Thermal FaceLift can help undo the damage done by time, restoring the skin’s natural elasticity and improving the appearance of everything from sagging jowls to crepey and loose skin on the neck. 

A single treatment is enough to deliver visible results but, the more treatments you get, the longer and better the results will be.  

"The best part is that Thermal Facelift is safe for all skin types and treats many conditions."

Lifting the jawline
Smoothing out fine lines
Reducing light scarring 

Reducing stretch marks
Lifting cheeks
Lifting brows

Lotus DeAging Treatment
Micro-Needling Sessions
4 pack with red light (With Re-Cu-Perate™ & PRP)
$ 600
(Per Session)
Regenerative Red Light Facelift
4 pack regenerative Red Light Face Lift
$ 150
(Per Session)
VitaminMed Skin Care Kit
VitaminMed Skin Care Kit
$ 500
Target Deep Fat Tone, Lift & Sculpt, Eliminate Cellulite, Surface Fat, All in One Hour With Infrared Light Therapy
Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles, Frown Lines, or Sagging Skin With Our 24K Diamond Facelift Treatment

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