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Germaine Stephenson

"Its exciting to watch the weight come off. Learning to eat healthy and what vitamins and minerals to take has really made mefeel better inside out. The staff is is so accommodating and knowledgeable. Great atmosphere I've learned to relax and not stress so much. You do need to listen and do the work. Good luck everyone, I'm down 24lbs💪"

Lisa Larios

"Extremely satisfied,wraps and infrared lights are amazing.Satya is caring,compassionate and beyond professional 😊You must try👍👍"

F Richard Kelly

"Relaxing treatment great pain relief after my chiropractic workout. Excellent staff"

Dianna Reed

"Every one was friendly and knowledgeable about services and products. Very relaxing atmosphere. I was achy and tired when I arrived for my appointment. After the infrared light treatment and body wrap I felt great! And lost 10 1/2 inches on my first day!"

Kathryn Kip Putt

"I just had my first experience with them. Satya is very professional, knowledgeable, and will individualize your program for you. I will definitely returning. Thank You Satya"

Damarys Alvarado Gutierrez

"So blessed 😇 to have found Healthy Weigh Living! I have lost 48 inches after four visits and 13 pounds. I also suffer from a chronic illness and the infrared has helped with my pain. The foot detox is also a must. I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful the experience is. 💖💖 Satya cares about your health and utilizes Zyto to give you specific needs for your body. Looking forward to continuing my journey. 🙏🏼💃🏻"

Whitney Olivia

"I had a great experience learning and receiving my body rap and infrared treatment definitely recommend!!"

"I am from Boston, and I booked to go for a week, and I was so impressed with the results, that I stayed an additional two weeks. By the end of the three weeks I had lost 18 pounds, and gone down a few dress sizes. I had a ring that had been hanging on a chain around my neck that I hadn't been able to wear for over a year, and by the time I left it was fitting my finger. Healthy Weigh Living helped me in so many ways, to break bad food /lifestyle habits and Satya was so fantastic giving me unbelievable guidance and support. Patrick provided the most delicious healthy meals. The Infrared light therapy, Mineral wraps, as well as the Zyto reading and foot detoxes all helped me towards a healthier and happier person. When I got my Zyto reading, Satya ordered some of the foods that were missing from my diet, and ensured during my stay that was included in my food. I couldn't recommend this program enough."


"This place is located in Homosassa, FL. Is owned by a wonderful couple. On my first visit there looking at it from the outside reminded me of being in Germany. They have a program there called healthy living. Where you go through procedures where you get weighed, body measurements taken, then body wrapped., heat treatment while wrapped and a couple of other procedures, that are designed to help melt body fat. All I can say is after the first treatment, I not only felt better, but I had lost over 25 inches total from my body. If you're looking just for a quiet get away, or a beautiful place for a honeymoon, without leaving the county. They also have beautiful rooms to let, and you have a small indoor pool. Quiet and intimate."


"Hi, my name is Martha. #2020 has been challenging. I'm sure it has been for you, too! I'm an essential worker. I've only had 4 days off during this COVID time. I was in search of a Spa Rejuvenation. I found #HeiligHaus. I invite you to follow me on my journey here Heilig Haus. Let me catch you up. I came for my 1st appt on 9/18. I had #WholeBody Red Light Therapy & Medi Wrap. I lost 18". I became a Club Member and started my Vitamin Meds. My 2nd appt today, 9/25, I released 5.2 lbs. I had Whole Body Red Light Therapy & Medi Wrap. I lost another 22". I added the Foot Detox. If you are in search of your own rejuvenation, call Satya for your get-acquainted appointment."


Kerry Vina

"June 30th was my start date. Already have shrunk from a size 14 to a 10/12. No bloating and extreme pain relief from chronic autoimmune. Thank you HWL!!"

Deborah Bolduc

"I am so glad to be going here. I have dropped 2 sizes in 4 weeks. Love them!!!!"

Kathy L

"I experienced a visit to Healthy Weigh Living recently! My session under the infrared lights left me so pleased. I relaxed, I felt energized, refreshed and ready to take in the rest of my day!"

Lena Cerrato

"Five stars for sure. 🔆🔆🔆🔆🔆 I have only been going for two weeks and have lost over 10”. What I did gain was deepened spirituality, education of what foods work best for your body as well as peace and serenity. If you have not been you need to go. Mineral wraps as well as lighting to melt the fat away and quickly too. You will feel like a Queen for the day and see the results melt away quickly as well."


“The staff is wonderful! Very attentive. And the results were great!”

Mary Reed

"If you haven’t loss any of that holiday weight gain. Then, you need to try “Healthy Weigh Living”. I feel amazing after my treatment of infrared light therapy and body wrap. And, yes you will loose just like me. The owner Satya treats you VERY well...besides she’s a Saint and her helper Lynn both are Amazing people. Not to forget Patrick (Satyas’ husband) excellent chef. I can’t wait for the smoothie’s."

Jaina Macleod

"Great staff, clean n beat weight loss treatment. Infrared light treatments very relaxing and mineral wraps leave the skin baby soft. Lost over 10’’ in the very first session!!"

Doreen Lavista

"Personal attention, woman-run, inspiration to be healthier"

Kimberly Graff

"Absolutely everything was amazing! They greeted the right way, the spa day was explained and I was given a tour. Not only will the ambiance of the spa relax you but you'll lose inches and leave feeling refreshed/rejuvenated!"

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