Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy for weight loss and cellulite all over
the USA is helping patients lose the inches they want.

Infrared Light Therapy

Reduces Fat and Helps with Weight Management

Our infrared light therapy device delivers safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light to your skin and cells which reduces oxidative stress and stimulates cellular energy production (adenosine triphosphate or ATP).  Researchers believe that red light therapy affects the fat-story adipocytes and essentially helps the body wash away lipids and fat cells. This helps with your goal of weight loss as well as provides a relaxing non-invasive effective way to weight management and obesity control. 

Body Contouring

Infrared Light Therapy is the latest advancement in non-invasive body contouring and skin rejuvenation technology. This therapy naturally slim, shape, and tone all areas of the body safely without surgery or pain. The therapy is effective in body areas that are resistant to diet and exercise: waist, hips, thighs, arms, and chin. Get the desired results without incisions, anesthesia, or recovery time. 

Reduce Cellulite & Get Smaller Waistline

Dreaming for a smaller waistline and a flatter tummy, our infrared light therapy has shown results when used consistently up to four weeks and recorded effects on the size of the waistline. Whether you are trying to look better in the mirror, getting married or at the beach, Infrared Light Therapy helps target fats and improves appearances. This therapy has proven to be an effective method for changing the way your body looks. Our infrared light therapy has shown a significant reduction in cellulite specifically on thigh circumference within 4 weeks of treatment.

RLT is only one part of a complete skincare routine, and it should not be the only way a person takes care of their skin. It may take several treatments of RLT for a person to begin noticing the changes in their skin.

infrared light therapy
infrared light therapy

benefits of infraRed light therapy

Expanding on the specific benefits of red and near-infrared light that have been shown in studies, below are the major benefits that have been proven by scientific research for Near-Infrared and Red-Light Therapy.

Red Light Therapy reverses the signs of aging and increases collagen production in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity. It reduces the signs of damage, DNA damage, and aging from UV rays. Infrared Lights also  improves facial texture, reduces fine lines, reduces wrinkles, and even hard to remove scars. It also helps in wound healing by enhancing skin tissue repair and growth of skin cells. And reduces color patches, hyper-pigmentation, and skin discoloration. Combat other skin conditions like acne, keloids, vitiligo, burns, herpes virus sores, and psoriasis.

The most common type of hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, affects 50 percent of men over age 40 and 75 percent of women over 65, and there are only two medications approved to help counter it.
But research reveals that red light therapy may be a powerful, drug-free solution. It seems to work by stimulating stem cells in the hair follicle and shifting follicles into the anagen phase (the active growth phase).

RLT is proven to reduce overall body circumference measurements of the waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, and upper arms causing a “body contouring” effect. A study published in the National Institute of Health found that red light therapy “has a potential to be used in fat cells and cellulite reduction as well as in the improvement of blood lipid profile without any significant side effects.” The subcutaneous fat layer was reduced from 12mm before treatment to 8mm after.

Red Light Therapy is fantastic for wound healing. RLT accomplishes this in several ways:

  • Cleaning up dead and damaged cells in the skin (phagocytosis)
  • Increasing ATP in skin cells, giving cells more energy to heal themselves
  • Also, Increasing the production of fibroblasts
  • Increasing blood flow, supplying the wound more oxygen and nutrients needed for repair
  • Stimulating the production of collagen and the health of the extracellular matrix
  • Stimulating lymph activity
  • And Stimulating the formation of new connective tissue and blood capillaries on the surface of the wound
  • Enhanced quality of life for fibromyalgia patients
  • Decreased pain, muscle spasm
  • Morning stiffness is decreased 
  • Decreased total tender point number in fibromyalgia cases 

Red light and NIR light therapy have been proven to improve blood circulation, in turn reversing the breakdown of collagen production and elastin contributing to the appearance of cellulite.

Lab Dementia Models Show Both Red and Near-Infrared Light Reduce Oxidative Stress and Aid Memory. A 2018 laboratory study assessed mice in an age-related dementia model and found that red light therapy treatments significantly reduced oxidative stress levels and restored memory function.

Poor mitochondrial function can exacerbate conditions such as anxiety and depression, which affect an individual’s stress level. Many modalities help to relieve stress. Think exercise, meditation, and a good night’s sleep, among other things. But often overlooked is LED light therapy as an anxiety antidote.

One of the most common uses for red and near-infrared therapy in clinics is for injuries and tendinitis. Because red light stimulates collagen production, speeds wound healing, and is highly anti-inflammatory, it has been shown to bring great relief to people suffering from tendinopathy and tendinitis. 

Here are several conditions where red light has proven effective:

Chronic neck pain, Knee pain, Fibromyalgia, Low back pain, Chronic pain in the elbow, wrist, and fingers, Chronic joint disorders, Sacroiliac joint pain, Chronic tooth pain, Osteoarthritis pain, Tendinitis and myofascial pain 

Several Studies have found that 30 minutes of red light exposure improved sleep and melatonin levels. Some other research suggests that red light therapy at night may also help you wake up more alert and ready for the day.

Red Light Therapy For Fat Loss – The Science

The power of light is undeniable. It makes plants grow, warms our skin, and makes life on this planet possible. It can burn our skin if we are not careful or red lights can heal wounds if used properly. Red light technology has been used in the United States for close to 50 years to aid in medical procedures, however, it wasn’t until recently that the effects of these instruments were studied in the realm of fat loss and body contouring.

How it Actually Works?

Dr. Rodrigo Neira, M.D. and Clara Ortiz-Neira, M.D. demonstrated that a specially calibrated laser held within 6-8 inches of the skin could emulsify subcutaneous fat and increase collagen and elastin production in the skin. During their research, they discovered that when fat cells were irradiated with a very specific frequency of light they could actually trick the mitochondria of the fat cell into thinking that the cell was in a state of famine. The fat cell then opened up a small, transitory pore in its membrane and released its contents into the interstitial space. These contents (mostly triglycerides) are then utilized by the body as a source of energy in times of need. The pore generally closes in 48-72 hours and the body processes the fat through its normal channels.

The fat cell is not harmed in the process and the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The frequency of the light is also low enough so that heat is not emitted from the instrument, so the process is completely pain-free! 

infrared light therapy
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