Foot Detox Bath

Come and avail our life-changing Ionic Detox Foot Bath
that will make you feel younger and more lively at affordable prices.

Relaxation With Foot Detox Bath

Removes Toxic Substances Naturally and Effectively

Are you tired of those skin rashes, uneven dark patches, and dark circles? Or are you done with swollen joints, sore muscles, low metabolism, and low energy? All these can indicate a build-up of harmful toxins and acidic waste in your body. With which we are all exposed to because of our polluted environment and chemical-ridden products. At Healthy Weigh Living, our Ionic Detox Foot Bath will help you get rid of these toxic substances naturally and effectively.

How does Ionic Detox work?

Every water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When this molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the oxygen atom takes on a negative charge. These negatively charged ions neutralize the acidic waste in our tissues. When we take a walk along a beach, our body attracts millions of these negatively charged ions. So our Ionic Detox Foot Bath mimics this effect, only way more effectively and comfortably.

You need to put your feet in the water for about 30 minutes, while our Ionic Detox Foot Bath works its magic. Millions of negatively charged ions will then enter your body and start the alkalization of acidic toxins. After the session, you will feel the harmful elements of fat and residue mucus leaving your body, making you feel lighter and more energetic. You will see the marvelous effects, physically and mentally, in a single session.

Why should you try our Ionic Detox Foot Bath?

Every day we deal with harmful pollutants and dangerous metal residues that find our way through our body and accumulate over time in our tissues. Toxic ridden body cells are imbalanced and lose the ability to get rid of harmful substances like parasites and toxins. It reduces the natural ability to protect itself. If not treated, they can cause damage to our skin, organs, energy, and mental health. Our system helps in removing heavy metals and chemicals from your body naturally as compared to other grueling detox procedures. It will give you relief from joint aches and soreness. You will notice an enormous change in your energy levels and your state of mind.

Our ionic cleanse system also helps in promoting good health by increasing your immunity, self-healing, and by promoting resilience towards allergies and flu symptoms. It also aids in healthy weight loss and ideal weight maintenance by increasing your metabolism, reducing cellulite, and activating fat-burning body mechanisms. You will see visible results in your skin as this detox helps in dealing with discoloration, dark circles and also gives a natural glow to your skin.

Along with this comprehensive procedure, we also help you by designing a diet tailor-made for you, which helps in boosting the benefits from the cleanse. The only thing to take care of is drinking enough water to balance the detoxification. Come and avail our life-changing Ionic Detox Foot Bath that will make you feel younger and more lively at affordable prices.

Foot Detox
Foot Detox
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