Chronic Pain Relief

Infrared light penetrates into the skin and improves the circulation of oxygen-rich blood
in the body, promoting faster healing of deep tissues and relieving chronic pain.

Infrared Light Therapy for Chronic Pain

Relieving Pain. Restoring Function. Renewing Hope.

Chronic pain is a major problem in the USA and the rest of the world, currently. The use of infrared light therapy technology in pain treatment has since been cleared by the FDA for the treatment of multiple pain indicators, including chronic pain, pain from trauma, pain from sport’s injuries, and pain from menstrual cramps. Medical specialists and physiotherapists are treating a wide variety of acute and chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries with infrared light therapy. This helps to reduce pain and inflammation while promoting the body’s healing mechanisms and treating the source of pain.

In light therapy, certain wavelengths of light are delivered to sites of the body where there is pain or injury. Infrared light therapy has wavelengths between 700nm and 1mm, while low-level light therapy (LLLT) generally involves light at red and near-infrared wavelengths of 600-100nm. Infrared light is natural and although the light penetrates the skin, it is painless and does not damage the skin through UV radiation.

What Types of Pain Can Infrared Light Therapy Treat?

Infrared light therapy devices can target most areas of the body (except for the eyes). Among the most popular uses for infrared light is to treat the following conditions or symptoms:

Neck aches and stiffness
Shoulder soreness
(such as from sitting at a computer Upper back, such as after a workout)
Knee pain and stiffness
Ankles aches, including from running
Wrist issues, including carpal tunnel syndrome
Feet, when sore from standing, arthritis, or other causes
Hands, when tired and achy from arthritis or other issues

chronic pain
chronic pain
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